Navigation for Mountain Runners Course

Have you gotten horribly lost during a mountain race in thick mist? Followed the wrong bloke off the summit? Had to DNF or worse still, got listed with a really bad time because you took the wrong path?

Then this mountain navigation course is for you…

This is a practical half-day course run in the Mourne Mountains. We’ll meet at Leitrim Lodge carpark at 10 am and be based entirely from there for all sessions.

We’ll start the day with some theory work, learning a couple of basics, before going on to the mountainside to put into practice what we’ve learned. We’ll come back to base after a couple of hours to chat through race routes and strategies. Typically, by the end of the course you’ll:

  • Understand maps and contours better.
  • Know how to orientate and thumb a map.
  • Have an appreciation of distance and scale.
  • Understand how to use a compass, in particular take and follow a bearing.
  • Practice taking bearings on mountain terrain.
  • Improve how you read the terrain and know when something is going wrong.
  • Be more confident making and following a navigation plan.
  • Learn how to plot grid coordinates to help you reach race checkpoints.
  • See examples of maps prepared before races.

Of course, if there’s anything else you’d like to know about mountain navigation for runners, we’re more than happy to help out. For example, if there’s a navigational event or mountain race you’re nervous about, we can take you step-by-step through ways of planning and running it.

“Highly recommended… I was put off by navigation as I always thought it was difficult. Moire helped me to understand a lot more & made learning easy. Go for it!” Bernadette Jennings.

“I genuinely started the day feeling like I would never get my head around any kind of navigation, after completing other nav courses and still getting lost! Moire broke everything down, answered all our questions and gave us plenty of opportunities to practice our new skills. Great session! Highly recommend.” Shauna Gowan.

What to Bring Along

  • Harveys Mourne Mountains 1:25000 map. If you’re buying a new one, the Superwalker XT25 version is perfect – super light and waterproof.
  • Your own compass – make sure there’s no bubble in it, as that means it’s broken!
  • Bring along your Fell Running Association (FRA) mountain running kit – whistle, waterproof coat with hood, waterproof trousers, hat and gloves in a bumbag are a minimum for the mountain section.
  • Clothing that will keep you warm and dry – there’ll be quite a bit of standing around looking at the terrain and maps, so a couple of layers would be good.
  • Fell running shoes are fine. If you prefer mountain boots to keep your feet dry, that’s perfect too. 

Also note that there’ll be no mad running during this course as the emphasis will be on reading maps correctly and taking bearings accurately.  Speed demons will be slowed down on this session! 

There’ll be tea, coffee and hot chocolate and a bit of cake available. If you want something more substantive to snack on while we’re out on the mountain (snacks/sandwiches/fruit), just bring it along for yourself.

Course Dates and Price

All this for £60 per person. Each course has a maximum number of four participants, so there will be plenty of chances to ask all your burning questions. Dates and bookings are available on our Eventbrite page.

Have a look here at our booking terms and conditions.

If the dates don’t suit, don’t worry… just get in contact and we can arrange to run the course on a date and time that suits you best!

You can see above that we run this training as a women’s-only course… guaranteed, no blokes around to intimidate you with their knowledge or speed! If you have a group of gals in mind, just let us know when suits best and we can arrange.