Corporate Outdoor Events

Want to bring your work colleagues into the great outdoors, but not sure how to challenge them and make them work together effectively as a team?

Let Happy Out Adventures challenge them with navigational conundrums that will test the mind, as well as bring out their competitive streaks. The exercises and games we use are great to helping people to learn how to work together while having a laugh as well.

Based out of some of Northern Ireland’s most beautiful parks and forests around the Mourne Mountains, we can design bespoke days that work for you:

  • We can go old school and use maps and compasses, with teams working together to collect maximum numbers of points hidden throughout the woods and grasslands.
  • Or we can go high-tec, using GPS technology on a scavenger hunt where prizes are hidden throughout.
  • Alternatively, if you have something outdoors-based in mind, then please contact us and we can talk through your needs.